Pressure Washing.

καθαριστής με ειδικό πιεστικό δαπέδου καθαρίζει βιομηχανικό δάπεδο

Cleaning with a compressor

The tools make

the man.

Using sophisticated tools, cleaning becomes a pleasure.
The methods we use are highly effective and modern, proven abroad for decades.

Working smarter, not harder.

Years of Experience


Customer Satisfaction


Happy Customers


We are trusted by companies that are pioneers in their field:
λογότυπο ομίλου fais group
λογοτυπο σουπερ μαρκετ γαλαξίας

Modern cleaning methods.

We are constantly investing in our familiarity with new technologies to provide the best cleaning solutions.


Since 1995, we have been investing and training to provide the right practices.

Edge technology

We have state-of-the-art tools for the best possible results and efficiency.


By taking due care of your property, you can rest assured that there will be no damage.


Our clients and our work are the proof of the efficiency we provide.

καθαρισμός πλακών πεζοδρομίουκαθαρισμός πλακών πεζοδρομίου

Pavement slabs cleaning.

καθαρισμός πλακόστρωτου και ξύλινου δαπέδουκαθαρισμός πλακόστρωτου και ξύλινου δαπέδου

House floorboards cleaning.

καθαρισμός βιομηχανικού δαπέδου πισίναςκαθαρισμός βιομηχανικού δαπέδου πισίνας

Industrial pool floor cleaning.


We excel in the following:

  • Emphasis on detail.

  • Supervision of your premises.

  • Highly trained staff.

  • We look after your property.

  • We clean places that are not “visible”.

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Other Cleaning Services.

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Commercial Cleaning

We undertake the cleaning of your business premises.

Upholstery Cleaning

We undertake the cleaning of your furniture fabrics.

Window Cleaning

We undertake the cleaning of windows in your area.